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A new venture that has grown out of my interest in jewellery.  Texture and colour in tactile combinations; different materials and mixtures of beads that will complement any style...


If any item is out of stock, and you would like to commission something similar (they are all unique), contact me  HERE

The Little Gift Shop

You can now find items from my jewellery collection at The Little Gift Shop, Red House Yards, Thornham Walks, Thornham Magna, Suffolk.


Pictured are the new Longdrop necklaces.  Simply knot the strand to fasten, either as a short necklace with a long drop or knot low for a long necklace. Ideal for anyone who wants versatility or who finds fastenings fiddly.


longdrops web The Little Gift Shop bangles web



These pieces capture the colour and texture

of elements that make the Suffolk landscape.

Like the moment of sunlight through trees or

clouds tracking the sky, each is unique


All available at The Little Gift Shop